BUZZ from The queen bee!

It’s been far too long, friends. 2014 was a busy, hectic, hard year in many ways, but 2015 opens with much promise for things to get better, elevated and enlightened. I am determined to be a positive part of that equation.

I’m Your VibeMistress, the Media Mogul, the Queen Bee and several other terms of endearment that indicate I work and play hard at the things I love most. This website is a capsule of all of that busy-ness.

Welcome to my world...

and all of the music, films, photos and other goodies that come along with the package.



The day job is always full of activity! As Program Director and the host for The MOJO and The FridayNight Recharge on 900AM WURD in Philadelphia, I am hopping around on a consistent basis. Check the station website at for details. And see my StefChat section for personal insights when I have a chance to blog my thoughts “out loud.”

Living According to my purpose!
Beautifully blessed. thankful and BUSY!